Erin Darling & Traci Park: A World of Difference

Mike Bonin
2 min readOct 30, 2022


There is a world of difference between the candidates running to succeed me on the City Council. I am urging you to vote for Erin Darling for City Council.

Here are just a few of the stark differences:

Erin Darling wants to use proven solutions to end homelessness and implement strategies to prevent homelessness; Traci Park has a track record of repeatedly opposing housing and shelter, and wants to use the tired, failed, expensive policies that push encampments from block to block.

Erin Darling is a civil rights lawyer who has fought discrimination. Traci Park defended use of the N-word in the workplace, and proudly touted the endorsement of disgraced Councilmember Nury Martinez.

Erin Darling is a champion of the environment, supported by the Sierra Club; Traci Park is supported by business associations that fight for polluting fossil fuel interests.

Erin Darling fights for renters; Traci Park is the champion of corporate landlords that heartlessly evict people, and Traci Park receives major funding from a shady corporate landlord that has fought installing sprinklers in a high-rise that repeatedly caught fire.

Erin Darling has spent his career fighting for working families; Traci Park has represented employers against workers facing racial, sexual and economic discrimination.

Erin Darling’s campaign is fueled by grassroots donors; Traci Park is backed by huge expenditures from special interests, including big corporate real estate.

Erin is the progressive choice, backed by the Democratic Party and of our local Democratic clubs; Traci Park is the most right-wing candidate on the Los Angeles ballot. She supports Sheriff Alex Vivllanueva and is endorsed by anti-vaxxers and rightwing extremists.

Need to know more? There’s a website that details the differences between the two candidates.

The differences between the candidates are stark. That’s why Erin has been endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club, the Democratic Party, the Westside Voice, teachers, nurses, renters, Supervisors Sheila Kuehl, Hilda Solis and Holly Mitchell, State Senators Ben Allen and Syndey Kamlager, Assemblymembers Richard Bloom, Isaac Bryan, Tina McKinnor and Laura Friedman, Councilmembers Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Nithya Raman, Councilmember-elect Eunisses Hernandez, civil rights icon Dolores Huerta and many others.

Erin is a life-long resident of the district. He and his wife are raising their young son here. He knows our neighborhoods and he shares our values. He is smart, humble, and principled. He’s a listener and a consensus builder.

The election is happening now, and ends November 8. There is so much at stake, and we need forward-thinking leadership that reflects our values. Please support Erin Darling for City Council.

Warm Regards,